Just a few smiling faces from last year.

Just a few smiling faces from last year.

We started with a simple goal, bring paddle boarders together. It worked! We found a strong desire to congregate, connect, share, learn, and explore. No matter if your ready to take your first step onto a SUP or have years experience, the event has something for you. It’s like summer camp for SUPers.

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Below is a abbreviated list of Instructors and Instructor Trainers that will be teaching at the event. We’ll add more information about them soon. Each one is so diverse. In general, they are all helpful individuals, with positive attitudes and a willingness to help you succeed. More specifically, they possess the skills to teach on many levels, to many different types of learners. For example, TJ Turner’s break down of body positions and kinesthetics is beyond reproach. Jeff Atkins brings a perspective from a larger paddler with fine stroke demonstration and exemplary maneuvering. In short, each of these individuals has travelled far and wide over many years, paddled in a huge variety of conditions, with diverse groups of individuals and is able to bring these experiences to help you refine your specific goals.

Ronnie Kemp – Paddle shop owner, Instructor trainer, SUP Instructor

Matt Hite – Pro Paddler, SUP Instructor trainer

TJ Turner – SUP Instructor Trainer, Pro Paddler

Charmaine Saulsbury – SUP yoga Instructor trainer, SUP Instructor

Chaz Corallo – Rental & Instructional business owner, SUP Instructor

Todd Bishop – SUP Instructor Trainer, SUP designer

Ashley Brown – Instructor trainer, SUP instructor

Jeff Atkins – Instructor trainer, SUP instructor

Mitch Cherry – SUP instructor, avid SUP racer

Christa Foisy – lead SUP instructor