Schedule & classes

Schedule & classes


Fri Feb 21th2-5pre ICWPut inSUP class on the water

2-5arrivalscamp parking lotEasy up tent / check waivers / room assignment

5:30-6:30DinnerDining hall
Sat Feb 22th7-8BreakfastDining hall

8-5L1/L2 ICWRec hallFor Instructor Candidates, L1 assessments and L1 instructor updates

7:30 – 1:30Off site L3 surfDining hall porchNew Smyrna Beach with Matt Hite

9Meet and greet paddlePut inWhat is this SUP thing / SUP strokes and Maneuvers

10:30-12build a paddleDining hall porchBuild your own cedar paddle with Chaz

12-1LunchDining hall

2Meet and greet paddleDining hall porchDown and back (Wekiva) / Linking strokes

5Walk up talkDining hallSUP fishing

5:30-6:30Dinner outWekiva IslandWithout a Paddle cafe / Gear giveaway

7Walk up talksfront of dining hallSUP whitewater gear and slideshow

8The Marshmallow SessionsCampfire
Sun Feb 23th6:30Early paddlePut inSUP yoga

7-8BreakfastDining hall

8-5L1/L2 ICWRec hallFor Instructor Candidates, L2 assessments and L2 instructor updates

7:30 – 1:30Off site L3 coastalDining hall porchLake Apopka

9Meet and greet paddlePut inDown the Wekiva 7.4 miles / Step up up your SUP game

10:30-12build a paddleDining hall porchBuild your own cedar paddle with Chaz

12-1LunchDining hall

2Meet and greet paddlePut inUp rock springs run / Sup race development

5Walk up talkDining hallTechniques, equipment and apps for pics vids and social media

5:30-6:30DinnerDining hallGear giveaway

7Movie nightRec hall

8The Marshmallow SessionsCampfire
Mon Feb 24th6:30SUP racePut inSprint race w/Prizes

7-8BreakfastDining hall

8-5L2 ICWRec hall

8-5SUP yoga endorsementRec hall

9Meet and greet paddlePut inRock Springs run back to camp / SUP surf development

10:30-12build a paddleDining hall porchBuild your own cedar paddle with Chaz

12-1LunchDining hall

2meet and greet paddlePut inSUP fishing on the Wekiva river / Wooden SUP and Paddle building demo

5Walk up talkOutdoor classroomSUP design, construction and the future

5:30-6:30DinnerDining hallGear giveaway

7Walk up talksDining hall porchSUP touring and camping

8The Marshmallow SessionsCampfire
Tue Feb 25th8-9Breakfast on your own

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Each day we have a morning and an afternoon meet and greet paddle session. Each session will have 2 courses that you can choose from.

There are additional fees for the 2 offsite programs as well as the paddle building course.

Below are some brief descriptions of what to expect. On the lighter side, we’ll accommodate every skill level. If you’d like to delve in deeper, advanced techniques will not only be discussed but broken down, practiced and refined. Feel free to email us with questions or check out the ACA curriculum that pertains to each course.

What is this SUP thing? – learn about the gear, how to use it, take it out on the water and have some fun.

Paddle board strokes and maneuvers – how to effectively and efficiently move your board around in wide open spaces, crossings, small creeks, ponds, etc.

SUP race development and practice. In this class well explore beach starts, finishes, pivot turns, sprinting, forward stroke refinement and buoy turns.

Step up your SUP game – more advanced maneuvers and strokes, paddling theories, more self reliance, how to dress, and learn about dialing in your gear.

SUP surf development – flat water practice for your surf game. There is lots to go over and we’ll give you great ways to practice when your not near the beach. These skills will help you maintain your proficiency and fitness level as well as improve for your next session.

The Marshmellow Sessions, nightly – hang around the fire with old and new friends, talk SUP, or anything else that comes up.

Included in the daily programing will be a talk on wooden SUP design and building technique by Chaz Corallo, master woodworker.

Offsite SUP surf w/ Matt Hite. Head to the surf to learn about this dynamic environment. It doesn’t matter if you have never paddled in the surf or have been SUP surfing for year, you’ll leave with experience and knowledge to improve your game. In the surf, the amount of time and experience needed can be overwhelming. Let us help you with insight, solid foundational skills and specific feedback to refine your experience. $125 – New Smyrna Beach (1 hour drive)

Coastal SUP. This course is for those who want to experience and work on paddling up to 1 mile from shore. We’ll work on navigation such as line of sight and compass bearings, gear management, weather conditions and trip planning. $125 – Nearby on Lake Apopka (15-20 min drive)

Chaz planing the blade face of SUP paddle